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Daija, similar to many curlies, began her hair journey in her preteen years. Wrestling her untamed curls into a tight slicked ponytail day after day with LA looks finest gel. Finally, tired of the crispy ramen noodle curls, Daija started experimenting with straightening her hair. At the age of 12 she was introduced to the world of straightening treatments, receiving her first Brazilian Blowout. She instantly fell in love with her reflection of perfectly smooth and neat hair. 


However, her sophomore year Daija was filled with regret as she looked at her limp, lifeless curls. She wasn’t aware of the damage she was causing her hair over the years. She was ready to embrace the curls she had but didn’t know where to start. She began researching curly hairstyles and products, and spent hours watching tutorials on YouTube. Slowly but surely, Daija began to nurse her curls back to life!


Daija soon fell in love with her curls and was eager to help others learn how to love their natural hair too. She followed her dreams of working in the beauty industry, attending cosmetology school in 2018 and has since been actively expanding her knowledge in curly hair care. 


It was dedication and love that pushed Daija to open Daija’s Curl Bar, in hopes to create a  safe and inclusive space for all curlies to feel loved, pampered and excepted. Daija vows to provide her best efforts in curly hair care and education to each and every one of her clients.  

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