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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only take appointments through an online booking system?

 Using online booking removes most possibilities for human error. While using the booking system we won't have to worry about whether we will miss an appointment request, or double booking ourselves by mistake. This means better, reliable service for you, and less stress on our end.

How come I'm not allowed to bring any extra guest?

We want to make sure that your appointment is 100% focused on you. With no distractions we can guarantee the best possible experience for us both. Translators, accompanying adult, or service animals are the only exception. 

Why don’t you take phone calls?

As a shy, introverted person I dread making phone calls. Not just because of the anxiety behind the call but because of the discomfort it can cause to the people around us. It's hard to give our undivided attention to our valued clients if we are answering the phone. While phone calls are great and straight to the point, texting and emailing provide history of the conversation. I'm human I forget things and I make mistakes. Having our written messages to refer back to makes it easier for both of us. 

Where are you located?

We are located at 142 High St, Suite 529 in Portland. We are right at the same location as the State Theatre building! Go inside the 142 High St entrance take the elevator to the 5th floor. Once you are on the fifth floor you should turn left down the hall and we will be the second door on your left. 

What is your cancelation policy? 

We understand that life happens and we can’t always predict the future. Therefore, we require 24 business hours’ notice for any cancellations. Any cancellations after the 24 hour period will be charge 100% cost of the canceled service. 

Why must I apply to be a client? Why might a potential client be denied?

It is very important that you and I are both set up for success! We believe that we must have some professional compatibility as we strive to reach your hair goals. We also believe in respect and honesty, working with a client that is willing to make all necessary changes for their hair goal to be attained is crucial. Likewise, if you're looking for someone that specializes in straightening treatments or blowouts we may not be the right fit for you.

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