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Welcome to Daija's Curl Bar

Helping you embark on your journey to natural curly love.

The Importance of the Curl Bar Experience 

Establishing Realistic Hair Goals

Establishing realistic goals is a crucial step in beginning your curl journey. If your goal is attaining length, nursing your curls back to life after a straightening treatment, or just a low maintenance wash and go; let's talk about it! We want to make sure that you are set up for success while styling your curls at home. 

Familiarizing Myself With Your Curls

No two curls are the same. Curly hair is very diverse and that's what makes it such a fun yet complex concept. Your curl care tips and needs may be different from my curls needs or another clients. Thats why allowing us the time to really get know and understand your curls is important for both our success.

Getting To Know You Beyond Your Curls

We strive at Daija's Curl Bar to create an all inclusive space for everyone to feel comfortable while sitting in our chair. For example, I'm a reserved introvert. I'm never against conversation but sometimes the most relaxing appointment I can have is when I don't have to carry a conversation. Sometimes I just want to observe all that is around me and unwind. How can I make you feel most comfortable as you begin your curl journey? Do you want only education, are you a hands on learner? Do you tend to be more reserved and laid back or do you want to talk about anything and everything? What kind of music do you like? Do you need room accommodations, do you require a service animal, gluten free snacks? Just let us know and we'll have everything you need waiting for you!


Fill out the application to become a client at Daija's Curl Bar.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. If you are accepted you will receive a welcome email with instructions on your next steps. 

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